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How a website with easy navigation get more visitors?

How can a website get more visitors with easy navigation?

A business’s calling card today is a website. Visitors call upon the business through that website similar to friends coming over to see our newly built house. The difference is we can be around showing our house to them whereas no such chance exists for a business to do so on a website. This is why a website should be able to show itself around – is what easy navigation is about.

A visual statement of purpose:

A landing page should state what the business does and can do. This could be a product, a service, or both. In any of these cases, the layout should be put up such that every category and sub-category is reachable visually. Such websites are easy to reach for the product, ask for service or contact the business owner, is how a website can get more visitors – a visual treat of necessary content and necessitating design.

Necessitating Content

‘Content is king’. This statement is so true such that a billion dollar industry was made out of content necessitating an increase in visiting a website. Any web design company in India will be able to design and publish marketing content is a way to achieve the same. A clear, crisp statement of description powers a website, content-wise, enabling capitalization of short attention spans, we millennials have become habituated to, necessitating good web design and easy navigation.

Website Design

T-shirts replaced buttoned shirts, so did the websites. Buttons are heavy and their in-text cannot be ranked on Google. Every word and every design outlet should be giving something in return to every visitor. If a website company in India is hired, they can customize the web layout with an eye-catching user interface and easy navigation. These exercises chart a first time visitor to come back and a returning second-time prospect leading to converting.

An unchartered visitor

Ships are safe in the harbor but that’s not what they are made for. A website is a ship and when entering unchartered waters it needs a correcting compass. A ‘Contact’ on every page of the website is one such compass. A website’s owner needs to stand fast and good, as good as a rudder to guide the visitor in case of additional questions that might need further clarification or farther corrections. Ahoy! Navigate well and navigate easy!

How to Add Social Media Buttons to WordPress Blog Posts?

Adding Social Media Buttons to WordPress Blog Posts

You can add social media buttons to a particular blog, and also you might have customized the knowledge for your user. Almost all blogs have links for their numerous social media channels in the header, footer, or sidebar to ensure that it is usually straightforward for users to be taken a look at their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, and also much more.

Use plugins to add social media buttons:

Social media plug-in that lets you add icons for WordPress website, RSS, E-mail, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and also upload custom images of your choice.

First thing, you just have to install and also activate the Menu Social Icons plug-in. Right after activation, you should go to Appearance » Menus in your WordPress dashboard space to start adding social buttons.

Share your content with the world:

There is a kind of button that you may search for the type of button that enables some others to share your content through social media.

For instance, in case, we visit the famous website like BuzzFeed and also a content that we want to share, we are provided the choice to share that content to our Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and so on.

There is the plug-in known as Jetpack, created by Automatic (makers of WordPress website) that has a variety of choices available. One of these simple options is an add-on called “Sharing” that enables you to put buttons up or under your blog posts and also pages that provide individuals the power to share content in the channels.

Using the theme built-in social media buttons:

You can also use theme built-in social media buttons to include in your WordPress Website Design.

Post the WordPress blog post straight to Facebook or Twitter:

In case, you continue to use the previously mentioned Jetpack solution and also have allowed the “Publicize” add-on you may be capable of synchronizing your existing social media accounts in the top from the “Sharing” settings.

Get people to “Like” your social media pages:

Perhaps you simply would like peoples to like your Facebook web page rapidly or follow a person on Twitter. Utilizing popular plug-in Digg Digg for WordPress, you possibly can show top, the bottom part, or floating side buttons to allow users to “Like” your social media pages. You will find all kinds of choices to select through for your display of it. Therefore, we shall allow you to play when the plug-in installed.

Buttons to visit your Facebook and also a Twitter web page on WordPress:

Floating Social Media Links is a free WordPress plug-in that enables you to input your social media blogs into the website in the type of pre-generated social media buttons.


You can find plenty of various methods to share social media buttons if it is sharing your content with the entire world, showing like containers, or offering links to browse your social media website.

Why Integrate Google Apps with your Website?

Did you know that WordPress has actually partnered with Google so as to allow integrating Google Apps within your site to be as simple as possible? By pursuing Google Apps integration you can receive certain benefits for your website’s development.

It tends to be a fully cloud-based solution that is there to handle e-mails, forming Web pages, sharing contacts, keeping a calendar along with working on certain documents. There is also more than Google Apps aids you out with.

Get a domain name

You can get a domain name if you employ Google Apps. This gives you a cohesive domain specifically for your e-mail addresses along with a handy place so as to sign in.

Benefits of Google Apps Integration:

It gives you amazing web apps along with webmail for your particular domain. You can receive the advantages associated with Google’s services and at the same time keep that professional look that you have of your domain.

By integrating Google Apps with your website you can get access to apps that are present in the vital Google Apps Marketplace. Some of these apps are very beneficial. You can get the benefits associated with using cloud products. With this, you can get benefits, for instance, storage benefits. There are also networking benefits that can be achieved from cloud products.

Adding users

It is possible to add users specifically from Google Web Applications. You can, therefore, import your users in the form of agents and that from Google Apps into your domain.

Import contacts

You can also import your contacts. These can be imported as customers. In this way, you can see how integrating Google Apps actually aids you out.

Have your website present on Google Apps Marketplace?

If you integrate Google Applications with your website you may be able to let users be able to activate your website’s support and that from the vital Google Apps Marketplace. Customers may be able to access your website’s support with the aid of Google’s Universal Navigation upon their Google account.

It may also be possible to utilize ones Google Apps username plus password so as to sign in to their account that they have with you. This will make it easier for your customers. Some steps may be needed to be done before this benefit can be activated.

If you pursue Google Apps integration with your website you can get certain benefits, that is in allowing you to achieve good website development

Does Using Accordion in WordPress Negatively Affect Website SEO?

Tabs along with accordion have been employed much in WordPress website design as they present a simple way for showing much information and that without making the user get overwhelmed. Using accordion is something that is common upon e-commerce type of product pages as well as those websites which have much information which gives technical, legal or maybe scientific content.

Read on to find out whether using accordion in WordPress website design has the potential to negatively impact website SEO:

Googles impact on using accordion

It has been said that Google ignores that type of content which tends to be hidden behind accordions or even tabs. If they do not ignore it, they think that this content is lower when it comes to value as it tends to not be shown to the user upon page load. Hidden content may be thought of as not being vital and so not index worthy. It has been claimed that if content tends to not be indexed then it will not be seen in vital search result pages. In this way, it will not be able to aid the page plus website’s SEO attempts.

WordPress and Accordion

The above point applies to every website, but let’s have a look at how this impacts WordPress users. When you search for accordion as well as tabbed content within WordPress, you can find many plugins. If you are employing these plugins it is necessary that you see whether the hidden text is such that it is index worthy. For the content that you feel is index worthy, it is advisable to get rid of the accordion feature. In this way, Google can spider as well as index this content.


For those of you employing WooCommerce think about having the WooCommerce Expand Tabs plugin that can remove the tabs, therefore, allowing the precise product information to be search engine friendly.

From the above, it can be seen that using accordion does have the potential to negatively impact website SEO. If you are employing accordion then consider carefully the value of that precise content and whether you want it hidden or not. It is, therefore, necessary to carefully structure your WordPress website design and not get those features that will cause a loss to you. It is necessary to know these website SEO tips so that you can stay away from those features that will not have a positive impact upon your website.

Why Use WooCommerce for your Online Store?

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is said to be the best WordPress plugin which is open-sourced, extendable as well as adaptable. It adds eCommerce precisely to WordPress sites. WooCommerce can be said to be the best eCommerce WordPress that can be found on the web. It is therefore employed in an eCommerce website design. Why is it important to use WooCommerce for your online store?

Read on to find out more about WooCommerce:

Best WordPress Plugin

Yes, WordPress, as well as WooCommerce, tend to be open source type of software platforms. If you want something free then use WooCommerce. Everyone can download plus install the software. Changes to the software may also be shared. Nevertheless, there also are paid extensions which you can get.

Simple to use and setup

Coming on to the technical side, you need to know that setting up your online store with WooCommerce is rather simple. It is possible to employ free standard themes, simple setup instructions as well as initiate selling basic products inside a day or maybe two, i.e. if you have your eCommerce requirements figured out. It, therefore, is a good eCommerce website design that you can use for your online store.


You may already know this, but it is amazing that the web has the potential to expand. It is possible to expand one’s site gradually. You can initiate with the basics. After this, you can put in extra time-consuming functionality succeeding the first launch. It is, therefore, possible to set up quickly. After this, you can expand your particular site according to the growth of your budget as well as the audience. This is another reason why it is good to use WooCommerce for your online store.

Add functionality

You can add functionality via extensions if you employ WooCommerce. You can employ complex product solutions, subscriptions as well as marketing automation, etc. It is possible to add nearly every functionality precisely to your online store. If you want, you do not need to have any functionality which you may not be employing and which may harm your website. If you use WooCommerce you can get many extensions.


If you are looking for something secure for your online store then consider using WooCommerce. WooCommerce tends to be audited by Sucuri, i.e. the industry leader precisely in plugin security. This is to confirm that it agrees to WordPress practices as well as coding standards. Standard WordPress security actions have the ability to make your site along with data remain secure from those annoying hackers.

Looking at the above you can tell why it is a good idea to use WooCommerce for your online store.