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How to identify your business website targeted audience?

Why your website targeted audience is important?

During business website design, one of the plans should be deciding who will be on the receiving end of your marketing efforts. The truth is that no one can target everyone. Having a well-defined target market is more important than ever.

By identifying your website target audience enables you to access and define the demand of your product on the market. You are also able to improve your product and services so as to meet the demands of the customers and also modify the language that understandable to the targeted audience.

By coming up with a website target audience, it may feel to be constraining but by defining website target design, you are able to spend your time and money thus saving your resources.

How do you get started?

1. Physical demographic of your target:

You should be able to come up with detailed description of the physical description of gender, age range, health status. Females and males both differ in their taste for any web design. If your target is both the genders you should be able to come up with a business website design that is appealing to them. Age and health also may be another challenge as younger people are more literate than older folks in terms of technologies.

2. Your current customers:

Look at the current base of your customers and identify the reason why they buy for you. If there is a characteristic that interest your business it will help you identify where to apply to increase your customers.

3. Culture status:

Identify website visitors cultural status. This should include economic status, employment level, social group, language and also their cultural values. Economic status and employment will help you decide a visitor access the web from a high-end home computer, an intranet from an office, or a low-end computer at a public place.

4. Competing sites:

You have to focus on your competitors and who they are targeting. Look at their current customers and then find any market niche that they may be overlooking. Do not go after the same market niche.

5. Consult your business plan:

Just look at your goals and analyze the products and services you offer. You should consider how your product differs from other companies and think broadly who might be interested may be willing to buy your products. This will help come up with the best business website design.


Have in mind that if you have the correct target audience you increase the web traffic of your site and by doing so the conversion rate also increases. Use the information above to come up with something appealing to the customer.