10 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of the Website

December 31, 2015 by Priya

10 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of the Website

How does a web designing company help reduce website bounce rate?

Before you hire a web designing company to make an SEO-friendly website, you need to know several things. One of them is the bounce rate. It is regarded as a top feature when calculating the quality of your site visitors. When your landing page is the most visited page of your whole website, then you’ve got a high bounce rate.

There are some great tips to reduce website bounce rate:-

Tips # 1:Advertisement & Promotions

Often focus on the right type of viewers who will be interested in your product or services. You need to spend money on the right type of advertisements and promotions and approaches, even though they are paid. It will enable you to minimize the bounce rate.

Tips # 2: Answer website visitor’s questions

Your home page must have the solution to visitor’s questions and concurrently not provide every piece of data. That way your visitors will stay at your site.

Tips # 3: Call to action

The call to action control must be on your home page. In case it isn’t there, then your visitors would not be interested to stay on your site and proceed to another.

Tips # 4: Appealing website landing page

Create an attractive landing page. Your landing page should be visually appealing to keeping the visitors hooked. The website’s color, font-size, and style can attract visitors. Additionally, the landing page’s colors must be related to your services or products.

Tips # 5: Persuasive landing page

To make a persuasive landing page that will ensure your visitors stay to your site and go to the next page, you should retain the content’s length short.

Tips # 6: Website page loading speed

Make sure that your pages load within a few seconds. When your site, specifically your landing page takes a long time to load, then you have to work on that.

Tips # 7: Hiring a Responsive website design company

Hire a web designing company to develop your site for smartphones too and always update the responsive website design to fit the styles or include any promotional offers.

Tips # 8: Take care of huge pop-ups

Stay away from the annoying and huge pop-ups on the home page. This is probably the main cause of the excessive bounce rate.

Tips # 9: Proper internal linking

One aspect which can bring more traffic is internal linking if done well. Provide links to websites or articles on your website which will be beneficial to your visitors and they will stay.

Tips # 10: Easy navigation

Create the navigation on your site hassle-free and easy. When navigating through your website is consistent and smooth, then it will reduce website bounce rates.

The above-mentioned tips will enhance your website engagement with the correct audience and turn into an SEO friendly website.

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