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Dos and Don’ts of Website Designing

Top website designing tips to be followed for effective web design:

When coming up with a website design India, there are some website designing tips that should be considered. Web designing involves make a choice which may be good or bad. Web Design Company have their dos and don’ts when it comes to creating the best design website.

Here are some fundamental dos and don’ts of effective web design that can take you a long way in designing pages that are optimized, convertible and actionable:


DO: Keep your page structured

One of the best website designing is focusing on what is important and coming up with a good logical order of your website. As a web designer make your page easier for the visitors to work.

DONT: Just place boxes everywhere

During website designing don’t just do putting boxes everywhere without an order. People like a well-organized website where boxes are arranged according to their size.

Website importance

DO: Focus on what’s important

A web design company should focus on the goals and objectives of the website during web development. Make sure the important information comes first in the home page and should be highlight or use a different font.

DONT: Place irrelevant ads across your page

Do not add irrelevant ads on your page. Do not over advertise on your website. Website developers should add ads that are relevant your site. Try blending the ads in and making sure they don’t take away from the content of your site.

Color scheme

DO: Choose the right color scheme

During website design come up with color according to the emotions of your target audience. People are choosy on the colors. It is advisable to use color that are appealing to your customers and make that it gives a contrasting image to the product you display.

DONT: overdo the colors

As a website developer don’t mix many colors. Many website designer make the mistake of mixing like 20 colors on the same page. This may annoy the visitors and they may never return to your site. Website designing tips suggest that use at most 5 colors on a website page.


DO: Make it easy to scan your pages

During web development make sure you make the site more navigable. When a visitor reach to your page he/she should spend less than 5 minutes trying to figure out what your website is about and what it has to offer.

DONT: Write to long paragraphs

People ignore too many words and they are choosy on the content they scan their information from. Break your content up and make it easier to read.

In conclusion

The above are dos and don’ts you should follow during web design.

Top 5 Tips to make your website mobile friendly

A great deal of people own a smartphone or a smart device, and more than half of them are using them to connect to the Internet. Not a surprise, but this number is increasing at a surprising rate every day. Today many people are going with websites for their businesses, for it not only brings about a great deal of customers but it expands your reach worldwide. When you hire any website designing services, they’ll tell you that you that making your website mobile friendly will boost your revenue greatly. Just make sure that you follow these five tips along with some bonus tips right down to every alphabet to get the best mobile friendly website for your business.

Start from the bottom

Mobile users are usually looking for directions and contact information, so make sure that you put such information on top, where it is easy to find. A link to your address on Google Maps is an added bonus. Make sure that you include a contact button in the header so that your customers can easily get to you.

Limited Images

Make sure that you limit the amount of images on your website. It is ok to use images but make sure that you use them wisely and that you compress them in order to deliver a hassle free experience for your customers.

Design for small screens

While many designers make use of responsive designs during their web designing exercise, make sure that your design is enhanced for the screens of smartphones. Avoid the frustration by making sure that the buttons and the white space is not hindering the user’s experience.

Limit the amount of text to be entered

Filling out a lengthy form on smartphones can be a nuisance. So make sure that you limit the amount of text required from your users.

Remove the unnecessary content

Seeing someone in public squinting at their phones can be a hilarious site. Make sure that you cut down on the content to help your customers get the desired information as soon as possible.

Simplify the navigation

Mobile screens are not as big as laptops’ so make sure that you make the website’s navigation as easy as possible. Try collecting feedback from your user to know what they want, and make changes accordingly.

Get Professionals

When you feel like you come up with a way to work on your website, make sure that you hire a website designing company in India, for they will make sure that you get what you pay for.


Finally make sure that your website works across all of the platforms. There are a lot of tools which help you see how your website looks on various devices ranging from iPads, Android and Windows Devices. You don’t have to buy every device to test your website.

There you have it. Make sure that you follow these 10 tips to get the best mobile friendly site for your business.