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What factors makes up a good ecommerce website?

E-commerce is the best platform for designing online shopping website. This is evident as more people are opting to spend their money on ecommerce websites. Therefore, it make it a must for one to come up with an ecommerce website if you desire to do online businesses.

What are the essential features of a good ecommerce website?

1. High security

A good ecommerce website should provide ample security for transactions made by the customer. It should be able to protect the customer debit card and his/her personal information. An ecommerce web design India should contain SSL certification that enable customer to conduct safe transaction.

2. Social media links

A good e-commerce website should have social links. It is evident that 20% of online shopping occur after surfing through social media networks. The social media are bringing more advertising opportunity. Therefore when coming up with an ecommerce website design come up with social media links that will give you a platform to self-promote your website.

3. Should have a shopping cart, login box and search box

These features should be placed together at every online shopping website. A shopping cart should be familiar to the customer enabling customer to choose product they require in your website. Login inbox enables a customer to login to your website for further access. Also enable customer to access their previous order and also cee their current orders. If your ecommerce is large, it must have a search box where it can assist customers who are looking for a specific product.

4. Search engine optimization

Sales is the main purpose of coming up with an ecommerce website. Therefore a good website should be SEO optimized . SEO Services will help your site to show up where never a customer searches for your product. It will increase your website visibility in the net and also the conversion. Therefore SEO is an important feature in your ecommerce website.

5. Should have instant customer support

An ecommerce website should have a good customer support team that will help to tackle the real time customer issues. It is obvious that your customer may have some query or problem related to your product. Therefore you should be able to provide a support team available 24hrs daily as a customer can have a query anytime.

In conclusion

Above are some important feature that are essential for an ecommerce website. When designing your website you should include some of the above features and definitely you should be able to have a positive feedback on your website.

Five mistakes to avoid when designing an ecommerce website

Doing business online in a given ecommerce website designing offers new and very wide market for 24 hours a day 7 days a week across the entire year. Thanks to ecommerce website development, the costs of mailing and travelling are cut down and this brings about the convenience of a good high quality ecommerce web design. There are however various mistakes that several clients of ecommerce website designing do that may lead to low traffic in their ecommerce web design.

These Ecommerce Website Designing mistakes are common and below illustrate the ways in which you can avoid them.

Poor Content

Precise and detailed product description is one of the key information that has to be available in every ecommerce website development. While shopping online in any ecommerce web design, all one needs is to be satisfied first with the information one has obtained about the product before going ahead and purchasing it. This is one common mistake done during ecommerce website designing as they don’t incorporate it whatsoever. For the good impact of a good ecommerce website development, precise and valid product information is provided. For a good ecommerce web design, provide as much information on all dimensions of a product, their sizes, the weigh they have and also any pertinent information which is dependent on what the product is. There are various descriptive terms and expressions that you can always use in any ecommerce website development to provide all information of all products and services.

Bad Customer Support Service

The second mistake to avoid dearly is lacking of a customer care and help center in the ecommerce website designing. In any case, a good ecommerce web design should provide a platform for the clients contact information to ensure safety and validity of the working of any ecommerce website development. When the customers have an issue or matters that need clarifications, they suppose that any ecommerce website designing should provide for the contact to use and get feedback from real persons given in the ecommerce web design. A good practical way to understand the importance of having a contact details in the ecommerce web design is that for any more expensive product or service, the customer will tend to have more and more questions and this should be well done in the ecommerce website designing of your own.

Site Optimization

The other mistake to avoid in creating an ecommerce web design is the inadequacy of the site search engine. Each ecommerce website development should have search engine optimization software to generate more and more traffic and thus promote its business in the long run.

Poor Shopping Cart Design

The other mistake to avoid in ecommerce website designing is using a low profile and poor shopping cart design. The face of the ecommerce web design should be made in such a way to attract more and more clients and should start from the initial ecommerce website development layout.

Poor Website Navigation System

The fifth mistake is having confusing navigation that makes it hard for clients to find and identify specific commodities in any give ecommerce website. Anny ecommerce website designing should ensure that products are well classified and categorized to their respective specifications in the ecommerce web design.