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All you need to know about website design types


Website design of a company plays a pivotal role in marketing. Web design services are offered to the best satisfaction level to the customer.  Web Design India suggest it may cost you more depending on the type of website design you choose. Top Web designers India develop all types and sizes of website that a customer may require.

What are the different types of website design you should know about?

1 Fixed website design

In this type of website design the web page width doesn’t alter when the browser is resized or depending on the device used. When such a website is used it’s hard and annoying to view it using devices such as smartphones and tablets. The viewer may be forced to scroll horizontally to view the rest of the content in page. Some may even need to be zoomed in or out to view a page test.

2 Liquid or fluid design

This type of website design is the opposite of the fixed design. When you resize the browser the content spread itself out to fill the width of the screen of the devices used. The columns containing the content on the webpage are developed using percentages therefore making the columns to increase or decrease or increase in size relatively to each other.

3 Responsive website design

This type of web design prevent the user from having to resize or scroll a webpage in order to read the webpage content. Responsive website design is the recommended as it can be easily be viewed on desktops, tablets and also smartphones. This type of design does not require the web design company you choose to design multiple website design format that have to be rearranged for different devices.

4 Static design

A static website is one without any server-side functionality and has no database or interactive content. This type of web design is appropriate for small customer website that do not require complex feature. They are cheap, easier and faster design.

5 Dynamic design

Dynamic websites make use of server-side programming and databases to store and deliver the content. They allow the use of complex features and require more initial work. They are more appropriate for e-commerce websites.


Best Web design company need to analyse which devices in which the target audience are viewing the website on in order to come up with the best website design. If your customer are not viewing your website in a smartphone, there is no need to spend more money on perfecting the responsive design layout.