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Why Integrate Google Apps with your Website?

Did you know that WordPress has actually partnered with Google so as to allow integrating Google Apps within your site to be as simple as possible? By pursuing Google Apps integration you can receive certain benefits for your website’s development.

It tends to be a fully cloud-based solution that is there to handle e-mails, forming Web pages, sharing contacts, keeping a calendar along with working on certain documents. There is also more than Google Apps aids you out with.

Get a domain name

You can get a domain name if you employ Google Apps. This gives you a cohesive domain specifically for your e-mail addresses along with a handy place so as to sign in.

Benefits of Google Apps Integration:

It gives you amazing web apps along with webmail for your particular domain. You can receive the advantages associated with Google’s services and at the same time keep that professional look that you have of your domain.

By integrating Google Apps with your website you can get access to apps that are present in the vital Google Apps Marketplace. Some of these apps are very beneficial. You can get the benefits associated with using cloud products. With this, you can get benefits, for instance, storage benefits. There are also networking benefits that can be achieved from cloud products.

Adding users

It is possible to add users specifically from Google Web Applications. You can, therefore, import your users in the form of agents and that from Google Apps into your domain.

Import contacts

You can also import your contacts. These can be imported as customers. In this way, you can see how integrating Google Apps actually aids you out.

Have your website present on Google Apps Marketplace?

If you integrate Google Applications with your website you may be able to let users be able to activate your website’s support and that from the vital Google Apps Marketplace. Customers may be able to access your website’s support with the aid of Google’s Universal Navigation upon their Google account.

It may also be possible to utilize ones Google Apps username plus password so as to sign in to their account that they have with you. This will make it easier for your customers. Some steps may be needed to be done before this benefit can be activated.

If you pursue Google Apps integration with your website you can get certain benefits, that is in allowing you to achieve good website development

Why Use WooCommerce for your Online Store?

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is said to be the best WordPress plugin which is open-sourced, extendable as well as adaptable. It adds eCommerce precisely to WordPress sites. WooCommerce can be said to be the best eCommerce WordPress that can be found on the web. It is therefore employed in an eCommerce website design. Why is it important to use WooCommerce for your online store?

Read on to find out more about WooCommerce:

Best WordPress Plugin

Yes, WordPress, as well as WooCommerce, tend to be open source type of software platforms. If you want something free then use WooCommerce. Everyone can download plus install the software. Changes to the software may also be shared. Nevertheless, there also are paid extensions which you can get.

Simple to use and setup

Coming on to the technical side, you need to know that setting up your online store with WooCommerce is rather simple. It is possible to employ free standard themes, simple setup instructions as well as initiate selling basic products inside a day or maybe two, i.e. if you have your eCommerce requirements figured out. It, therefore, is a good eCommerce website design that you can use for your online store.


You may already know this, but it is amazing that the web has the potential to expand. It is possible to expand one’s site gradually. You can initiate with the basics. After this, you can put in extra time-consuming functionality succeeding the first launch. It is, therefore, possible to set up quickly. After this, you can expand your particular site according to the growth of your budget as well as the audience. This is another reason why it is good to use WooCommerce for your online store.

Add functionality

You can add functionality via extensions if you employ WooCommerce. You can employ complex product solutions, subscriptions as well as marketing automation, etc. It is possible to add nearly every functionality precisely to your online store. If you want, you do not need to have any functionality which you may not be employing and which may harm your website. If you use WooCommerce you can get many extensions.


If you are looking for something secure for your online store then consider using WooCommerce. WooCommerce tends to be audited by Sucuri, i.e. the industry leader precisely in plugin security. This is to confirm that it agrees to WordPress practices as well as coding standards. Standard WordPress security actions have the ability to make your site along with data remain secure from those annoying hackers.

Looking at the above you can tell why it is a good idea to use WooCommerce for your online store. 

What factors makes up a good ecommerce website?

E-commerce is the best platform for designing online shopping website. This is evident as more people are opting to spend their money on ecommerce websites. Therefore, it make it a must for one to come up with an ecommerce website if you desire to do online businesses.

What are the essential features of a good ecommerce website?

1. High security

A good ecommerce website should provide ample security for transactions made by the customer. It should be able to protect the customer debit card and his/her personal information. An ecommerce web design India should contain SSL certification that enable customer to conduct safe transaction.

2. Social media links

A good e-commerce website should have social links. It is evident that 20% of online shopping occur after surfing through social media networks. The social media are bringing more advertising opportunity. Therefore when coming up with an ecommerce website design come up with social media links that will give you a platform to self-promote your website.

3. Should have a shopping cart, login box and search box

These features should be placed together at every online shopping website. A shopping cart should be familiar to the customer enabling customer to choose product they require in your website. Login inbox enables a customer to login to your website for further access. Also enable customer to access their previous order and also cee their current orders. If your ecommerce is large, it must have a search box where it can assist customers who are looking for a specific product.

4. Search engine optimization

Sales is the main purpose of coming up with an ecommerce website. Therefore a good website should be SEO optimized . SEO Services will help your site to show up where never a customer searches for your product. It will increase your website visibility in the net and also the conversion. Therefore SEO is an important feature in your ecommerce website.

5. Should have instant customer support

An ecommerce website should have a good customer support team that will help to tackle the real time customer issues. It is obvious that your customer may have some query or problem related to your product. Therefore you should be able to provide a support team available 24hrs daily as a customer can have a query anytime.

In conclusion

Above are some important feature that are essential for an ecommerce website. When designing your website you should include some of the above features and definitely you should be able to have a positive feedback on your website.

10 Tips for Small Business Website Development

How to develop a small business website?

As a business person, you should try and not be left behind by your competitors. Having a digital platform where you advertise and engage with your customers can be a good starting point. You don’t necessarily have to start with a big website; start with a small business website. Many small company turn to best web development company in Delhi as they apply great SEO techniques when coming up with their sites. Below are some small website design tips and practices that will help in small business website development.

Top 10 Tips to help you to design and develop a small business website

1. Use keywords

In order for your small business website to be recognized by search engines it is advisable to incorporate keywords on your sites. This can be achieved by embedding this keywords during Meta tagging.

2. Showcase your product and services

Make sure that during web design that you showcase your product on your start page. Try and make your first impression to be professional one. Effectively show your product and avoid overshowing –showing many products on one page.

3. Accessibility

The best web development company in Delhi should provide a web accessibility initiative that should provide a list of guidelines for how to create a website that should be accessible to many people. Keep the web design and navigation consistent throughout the site and avoid creating unrelated design for different pages.

4. Structure

People as well as search engines requires sites that are well structured and organized. An organized site will provide a good user experience. A properly structured site that presents information in an orderly and organized way will be much more successful than one that appears chaotic.

5. Content

No matter how small your business website is, it should provide the customer with the right updated content. The more content your site provides the more the search engine becomes friendly to it.

6. SEO and SMO optimization

Make sure that best web development company in delhi you hire must provide SEO service and social media optimization that will help your site rank high.

7. Responsive design

When coming up with website design India use a responsive design that will enable your site be accessed in many devices such as smartphones and tablets.

8. Links

Create links both internal and external that will help gain ranks in SERPs. Use links that are not outdated, and that are relevant on the product or service on your website.

9. Fresh and uniqueness

Make your website appear fresh and unique from the rest of your competitors. Visitors are excited and attracted to site that are able to capture their attention at first site.

10. Create a fast web

When coming up with a web design come up with a fast load website. People are impatient with low load site and this may lead to low conversion of your website.
In conclusion

The above are some of the tips you should consider when coming up with a small business website development. Choose a well-versed web development company for your website design and development which also improve site ranking and conversion rates.

Top 7 Tips for Hiring an E-commerce Website Development Company

Services provided by an Ecommerce Website Development Company

E-commerce website development company should have all the basic features required to run a successful online business platform. Ecommerce website development company in India provide the best security methods for client use. E-commerce website designer should bring together professional design, product management, promotional tools, comprehensive content management.

The ecommerce systems include:

• Shopping cart features included with all packages

• Payment gateway integrated with different payment methods

• Product catalogue management

• Online credit card payment

• Stock management and invoicing both online.

Who Should You Hire to Build Your Web Startup?

1. Portfolios:

These portfolios help in choosing the correct web design developer. By seeing what they have done, you be able to decide whether or not they will be good to work with. Look at all aspects even their OS skills they used in what they have posted as portfolios. His will surely help in weeding the mediocre type of people you want them to do the job for you.

2. Features:

When developing a website or any mobile app the main aim is to come up with features that are easy to use for the client. If the web developer you choose has used an interface with simple features and a friendly interface definitely you are on the right track.

3. Your interest:

When choosing a web developer to make sure you understand the purpose of your e-commerce website and learn even more about. You should be able to provide the necessary information and parameters to the designer so that he can communicate if it is possible or not.

4. Relax the Budget:

Sometimes the cost can be a hindrance when choosing a web design. However as a business person you should be able to focus on the future, not the present.

5. Relationship with the web development company:

When hiring an e-commerce website development company look for a person who is going to understand you and with whom you can develop communication strategies where you listen, respect and understand. When you both trust each other, you can accomplish more together and have a happier working experience.

6. The shopping website design:

What colors do your customers want and how many features? That should lead to choosing the web designer who is capable of following the correct design. Having the right design is pivotal.

7. Consider The Entire Process:

The Quality Assurance process accounts for functionality, portability, reliability, efficiency and usability so that no stone is left unturned. So you may hire a third team to help you with FAQs on an e-commerce website development company.


In conclusion
Finding the best e-commerce software and a web designer is not an easy task when you are trying to figure out how to sell online. An e-commerce website development company should be able to provide the customer with a shopping website design that is of their taste and appealing to them.