Why Alt Tags are Important in Web Design?

April 25, 2016 by Priya

Why Alt Tags are Important in Web Design?

Search Engine Optimization is divided into two different categories namely on the page and off page factors? The primary purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to increase the ranking of a website for selected Keywords.

On page SEO factors refers to the elements on a web page which affect search engine rankings such as body text, Meta description, anchor text, bold/italic text, URL, title tag and image alt tags. Though one might not realize it, images can generate a lot of traffic from search engines such as Google. Web Design India can help in learning how to optimize images to score more traffic on any website.

What are image alt tags?

These are alternative texts for an image. They are one of the most important on-page SEO factors behind the website content. Image alt tags are created to give a description of the picture. Search engines use alt tags to understand the content on the web for proper indexing within the ranks of the search results.

The people reading a website are not able to see the alt tags except through HTML emails. Initially, alt tags were purposefully for users with screen readers. However, they are being used by search engines as one of the factors to determine the content on a web page.

Image Alt tags are important in Web Design for several reasons:

1. Help in getting good search engine rankings

Do you know that search engines can only read texts? Search engines can’t read any of the images on a website. It is, therefore, important to associate the pictures with wording using alt tags. Images with alt tags can easily be matched with the description given to the content on any website by search engines. This helps in search engine rankings.

2. Provides better user experience

Image alt tags allow the people who are visiting any website to know what an image is all about. Also, the alt tag will be shown in place if the image is missing. Similar to the text visitors who read as they wait, they can also wait for the image in anticipation before it appears.

3. Increased search traffic

Optimizing website content with image alt tags results in increased search traffic to a given site. The quality of search traffic becomes even higher thus engaging more visitors to the website or blog. The search traffic increases by 25% when one goes to a site and optimizes the existing images and the new images that will be added.

4. Add URLs to images

Adding URLs to the images on a website where applicable, directs people to a relevant page on the site as they look for images on the search engines. This is one tip to get started within optimizing website images for search engines.

5. Including keywords in image alt tags

When you include keywords in the image alt tags, it might have little or no effect on SEO rankings but will help in drawing traffic from search engines. Remember to separate different keywords in the alt tag with a dash (-).
To understand more about on page SEO factors, check with Web Design India for more tools that will be useful for website optimization. Check the images on a website and see if they have the image alt tags included. At Web Design India, one is assured of proper design for any website of choice. Web Design India understands good coding standards.

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