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Why Alt Tags are Important in Web Design?

Search Engine Optimization is divided into two different categories namely on the page and off page factors? The primary purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to increase the ranking of a website for selected Keywords.

On page SEO factors refers to the elements on a web page which affect search engine rankings such as body text, Meta description, anchor text, bold/italic text, URL, title tag and image alt tags. Though one might not realize it, images can generate a lot of traffic from search engines such as Google. Web Design India can help in learning how to optimize images to score more traffic on any website.

What are image alt tags?

These are alternative texts for an image. They are one of the most important on-page SEO factors behind the website content. Image alt tags are created to give a description of the picture. Search engines use alt tags to understand the content on the web for proper indexing within the ranks of the search results.

The people reading a website are not able to see the alt tags except through HTML emails. Initially, alt tags were purposefully for users with screen readers. However, they are being used by search engines as one of the factors to determine the content on a web page.

Image Alt tags are important in Web Design for several reasons:

1. Help in getting good search engine rankings

Do you know that search engines can only read texts? Search engines can’t read any of the images on a website. It is, therefore, important to associate the pictures with wording using alt tags. Images with alt tags can easily be matched with the description given to the content on any website by search engines. This helps in search engine rankings.

2. Provides better user experience

Image alt tags allow the people who are visiting any website to know what an image is all about. Also, the alt tag will be shown in place if the image is missing. Similar to the text visitors who read as they wait, they can also wait for the image in anticipation before it appears.

3. Increased search traffic

Optimizing website content with image alt tags results in increased search traffic to a given site. The quality of search traffic becomes even higher thus engaging more visitors to the website or blog. The search traffic increases by 25% when one goes to a site and optimizes the existing images and the new images that will be added.

4. Add URLs to images

Adding URLs to the images on a website where applicable, directs people to a relevant page on the site as they look for images on the search engines. This is one tip to get started within optimizing website images for search engines.

5. Including keywords in image alt tags

When you include keywords in the image alt tags, it might have little or no effect on SEO rankings but will help in drawing traffic from search engines. Remember to separate different keywords in the alt tag with a dash (-).
To understand more about on page SEO factors, check with Web Design India for more tools that will be useful for website optimization. Check the images on a website and see if they have the image alt tags included. At Web Design India, one is assured of proper design for any website of choice. Web Design India understands good coding standards.

Things to Consider When Using Dark Color Schemes in Website Design

Why should Web Designers India must come up with great website color ideas?

For a website designer, coming up with the best website color ideas is the most important part of web designing. People often goes to dark colors as a way to improve website design. Dark color schemes should include common elements and techniques for allowing the design work. Dark colors designs are popular and can have an elegant and creative appeal.

To come up with a user-friendly website design using dark color schemes, the following are some of the things that you might consider as the best web designers India:

Consider following these points as  the top web designers India:

1. Use right color scheme

White spaces are effective on website design that contains dark backgrounds.  Web Designers India often use a lot of white space around it making it the first thing a visitor see when they land on your homepage. Also make sure that product and the headline of the main content is highlighted using white space. As a web designer use color website ideas that will make your design more attractive.

2. Spotlight

Let the spotlight go to images, videos and products. Dark color design websites usually use professional photographic images that are appealing to the customers making sure that when a customer lands on their website they are able to spot it.

3. Contrasting background

When using a dark background make it contrasting as ever. A good background should have a pleasing touch of your website. By using contrast means that you are mixing light and dark colors making your website design look appealing.

4. Use textures, patterns, brushes and other effects

Dark color schemes should be accompanied by certain elements such as Textures, patterns, brushes and other effects that will add an appealing touch to the website.

5. Blending

When using dark background schemes make sure that the images you blend in your website should blend in the color of the website. The images should appear appealing with the website theme. You may also try and blend in some colors on the theme to make it have a lighter effect on your design.

6. Reflection

As a top web designers India you should make sure that the reflection you give to your design should be a professional one and should be fascinating. Reflection on a dark design gives a good effect to the images you display.

7. Use fonts that are readable

On such a website design make sure you choose a website that is easy to read. Avoid fancy fonts and make sure that you choose the right color that will be visible.

In conclusion

The above examples are some of the things that you should consider when coming with website color ideas especially dark color for a background theme.

Website Design Checklist for Web Designers

Find best website designing services:

Web designing is a long and a complicated process. This is because there is a lot to handle such as dealing with the clients, coming up prototypes, coding of the website, and also testing. To provide the best website designing services you have to make sure that all the above is done. In such a situation a checklist can go in hand.

Web designers India have decided to come up with a checklist that have a list of point covering the important areas in website designing. Checklist has made designing easier making many web designers and website design companies to be top web designing known.

What are the points that are found on the website designing services checklist?

Purpose and goals

This should among the top most of your priorities. You should have it listed so as not to deviate from the target of the website. To be able to provide the best website designing services you should be able to achieve the goals of the client. That why you should top list the goals of the website you are developing.

Site pages and features

Come up with a list of requirements of the site. This may be; –       Number of pages in a website –       Tools such as online forms, blogs, customer reviews, maps, slideshows, RSS feed –       Technical / customer support –       Links such as social media optimization

Ongoing task

List the things that you will follow up after you are through with development of the website. This may include –       Updating the website –       Maintaining the website –       Security development –       Content management

Project deliverables and scope

List your deliverables. Defining your deliverables goes a long way toward defining the overall scope of the project. By listing deliverables, it can also help you build your scope statement.

Delivery deadlines

To provide the best website designing services, this point should be on your checklist. You should write down the date that your client is expecting you to deliver the website. This is to help you manage your time well to avoid the last minute rush.

Deadlines for calling others involved

As a top web designing practice you should also consider listing the deadline by which you should have called any other person who is involved such as printers of the website, those who will host the website.

Addition cost

You should be able to list things that will incur more cost during website designing. These include ads, design ads on, stock art.

Final words

The above are some points that are found on the checklist of a website designing service. You should have a checklist as a web designer to be able to provide top web designing .  

How to make your website load faster?

How important is a fast loading website is?

A good website should have many attributes and speed is one of the attribute.

Below is a list of ways to make a fast loading website:

1. Evaluate your plugins

Outdated plugins are one of the main causes of slow websites. Poor or outdated plugins slows down performance dramatically. To fix this menace you should ensure that the plugins are up to date and remove obsolete plugins. This will help to improve your website performance.

2. Enable compression

In website designing, You can also compress the amount of data on a website so as to reduce the amount of bytes sent across the network that will allow good performance of a website. You can apply some compression algorithms like GZIP to compress the data on your website.

3. Use a content delivery network

A CDN takes a website static files such as images and java script and delivers them on servers that are close to the user’s physical location. Since the servers are close to the user, they load more quickly and this will enable good performance of a website.

4. Reduce the image size and formats

Survey has shown that most of the bulk of a website weighs on a desktop computers is images. Adoption of new image formats that have fewer bytes will help enable the faster running of a website.

5. Minimize on java script and css

Removing of non-essential lines breaks, extra space, and so on, you will speed up parsing, downloading and executing. This will help cut of some bytes of data from a web page.

6. Combining images with css sprites

Sprites help to combine all background images into one single image . The proper image segment will be displayed because of the css background –image and background –position properties. CSS sprites reduce delays caused by roundtrips made as the server is downloading other resources. This combined with other factors will improve the performance of a website.

7. Cache

Browser cache stores data of resources, a process that quickens Page and speed tremendously and reduces server lag. When a user visits a page on your website, the cached version will usually be served unless it has changed since it was last cached; this saves a lot of requests to your server and as a result makes fast loading website.

A fast website is equally as important as the information that is on that website. Website developers should consider the above listed ideas to enable a fast running websites that will attract more people to view their websites.


How to Maintain Your Website after Deployment?

Coming up with a website and deploying it is one thing and maintain it is another different thing. Just like any software websites require frequent maintenance so as to keep a successful presence in the internet. After website deployment utilize your web design to achieve your prime goals and objectives. Web design India has maintenance packages that can help in managing your website while you still progress with business activities.

6 Tips for maintaining a website after deployment

1. Updating content

Old content may lead to google panda penalty on your site. Also customers do not return to websites that have old content. As a website holder frequently update your website content. If you think that your grammar and styles are not good for your reader, hire writers or page editors who will write new post or edit post to keep them updated. Your sites update will keep your site higher ranking and will prevent hits from google panda. It will also increase your site conversion rate maintain your presence online.

2. Link checkups

After website deployment make sure that you perform a regular check on your links. This will help you identify broken or malfunctioned links and then fix them. Web design India provides maintenance services to check and usually fix dead and broken links.

3. Adding new pages to the website

After website deployment it is advisable to keep adding new pages on your website. Frequent activities will increase the visitors on your page.

4. Optimizing pages

The web design company you choose should have packages that will enable easy management of the site. The web design packages offered by web design India includes best social media optimization services and also provides some seo tips that will help in the maintenance of your site. Optimizing will help brand advertising and will increase website traffic to your page.

5. Changing design templates of the website

Changing design time to time is another way to increase your website conversion rate. With affordable website maintenance services from a well-known Web Design Company it is possible to change templates of your website making it more and more appealing to the visitors.

6. Monitor Traffic and User Behavior

This will help you know how you are doing on the search rank. After website deployment, you can download other tools that will help to evaluate traffic and user patterns and install them. Will also help you identify popular pages, products, and any errors on your site encountered by your users. In conclusion Above website designing tips will help you run and maintain your site after deployment. If you are always busy you can hire an editor or give a contract to a web designing company that will assist in the maintenance of the website.